My fascination with the human body began in my youth, leading me to explore various physical disciplines. Initially, I was drawn to bodybuilding and later my interest in fitness led me to teach aerobics and step classes, and even run a marathon.

My journey took a turn when I decided to explore the world, landing me in Sweden. There, I worked at an international school, assisting a child with autism and working with children in after school care. I also taught CPR to teachers and students.

Despite these diverse experiences, my passion for weight training remained leading me to yoga, where a series of injuries introduced me to a manual therapist. His ability to “listen” to my body and treat it effectively intrigued me.

I spent time in Thailand studying Thai massage and Chi Nei Tsang, a Chinese healing modality and on return to Sweden, my curiosity about bodywork persisted. Influenced by my therapist and friends in the osteopathic world, I decided to embark on a full time 4.5 year Osteopathic education. Even though I knew little about it, I was drawn to the harmony between the philosophies of osteopathy and yoga. This led to years of hard work learning to understand the complexity of the body which to this day is truly an incredible journey that that never ceases to amaze me.

Interestingly, my first encounter with osteopathy was in my childhood due to a foot problem. Little did I know then, that those same feet would lead me to this amazing healing system.

I’m a registered member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association, which provides my public liability insurance.

photography by Shay Peretz 2016, all rights reserved