An osteopath is a critical thinker who searches, not just in the place that you present with pain or discomfort, but throughout connected systems to find the origin or this pain.  Many times this origin is found in another area of the body and sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain the origin at all.

This work is an extensive process, usually beginning with a thorough case history of previous injuries or pain you may have had.

I will enquire about your medical history related to investigative or operative procedures, any medications or diagnoses that may be relevant to understanding the nature of your problem. 

I will also consider your working, social, personal, dietary and lifestyle factors. With your consent, I will observe any changes in your body by studying your posture, its symmetry, weight bearing, compensatory patterns, skin colour changes, temperature, sweating, swelling, rashes, scars, etc.

I will continue to carry out osteopathic testing of the whole spinal curve congruence and how it relates to your pelvis and limbs. 

An important observation is also the rhythm and harmony of your movements, which can many times offer more information than we can verbalize.

There will be active and passive testing to explore the range of movement you have, and which areas are affected, in order to understand any limitations, pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

If necessary, I will conduct specific clinical tests:

  • Neurological testing: Checking reflexes, strength in your muscles and sensation on your skin
  • Cardiovascular testing: Checking your blood pressure and pulses in the neck, arms, legs and abdomen
  • Respiratory testing: Checking the breathing and lungs for normal movement and sounds
  • Visceral (organ) testing: Checking the liver, stomach, gallbladder, kidneys, appendix, intestines etc. through gentle touching with the hands to observe any changes.
  • Orthopaedic testing of the musculoskeletal system: Checking the range of movement you have in the joints and how this may relate to your problem

This may be done in order to determine whether you need to be referred for further investigations like blood tests or other diagnostic investigations such as an MRI, X-ray before treatment can begin.


After testing and ruling out any need for a referral, you will be treated according to your needs.  The focus will be on reducing the stress response and bringing your body to its optimal state, with the ultimate goal of returning you, unhindered, to your normal daily activities.

Each treatment plan is as unique as each patient. Here are some of the approaches that may be used during treatment:

  • Myofascial technique (the fascia/connective tissue which surrounds muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones)
  • Muscular Energy Technique (MET)
  • Strain Counter Strain (SCS)
  • Cranial Work in the Osteopathic Field (COF)
  • Visceral (organ) Techniques,
  • High Velocity Low Amplitude Technique (HVLA)
  • Articulation and Mobilisation of Joint Structures
  • Lymphatic Manipulative Techniques

Please remember, throughout this process your body will be the ultimate guide to the measurement of success.  I will be constantly gauging your level of comfort and adjust treatment accordingly.


For a new patient it takes around 1hr 15 minutes. Returning patient, 45 minutes. Children over 8 years old will take approximately 1 hour. You can also select longer times if you feel you need a longer session to discuss your situation.


Sometimes after treatment you may experience some soreness, tiredness, mood changes or even feel an increase in energy or pain. This is a normal reaction and usually passes within a few days or so.

Of course if you are concerned by the side effects of your treatment, please contact me via email, text, or phone and I will respond as soon as possible.


Your treatment will be followed by an individual management care plan tailored to suits your health goals.

This will include ways you can help yourself feel better by taking control of your own health. Some dietary advice may be recommended and I may also advise you to seek specialised therapy from other healthcare professionals that may compliment the osteopathic treatment.

While it is seldom possible to assign a strict timetable for healing the body, I will make you keenly aware of changes you may be experiencing as a result of treatment. 

My intention is to assist you in helping your body find its way back to a healthy and happy state of being so you can get on with what you love best.


1200 SEK 1 hour New patient
 990 SEK 40 minutes Returning patient or 1200 SEK -1 hour Returning patient
700 SEK 40 minutes Children 8-15 years old

Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment or no show, will incur full cost of treatment booked.

I’m a registered member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association, which provides my public liability insurance.

photography by Shay Peretz 2016, all rights reserved